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Our Games

Fire Ball : Roll & Jump

Endless hyper casual game wait for you



Coming soon!

app pie games

We design and publish mobile games

We are “App pie” ; an entertainment company that creates mobile games on different platforms and want our players to experience and discover their fantasy world. Our only goal is to bring fun and turn that fun into hypeycasual games played by millions of playera around the world.

Our Team

We are yong, power full sprites

Behnam Azad


Behnam Azad is one of our Founders and has served as our Chairman as Chief Executive Officer

Mehdi Mehri

Unity 3D Developer

Mehdi Mehri is one of our founders and served as our Chief Development Officer

Farzaneh Babaei

Marketing  Manager

Farzaneh Babaei has served as our Chief Creative Officer

Atefeh Daneshvar

3D Artist

Art Producer/3D Generalist

Amir Mashhadi



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